Why is EI important for me? 01.07.2020.

Mirna Radošević, Chief Reinvention Officer at Salveo CEE Group

"I had the honor and great opportunity to participate in the 12-weeks development program" Emotional Intelligence "by GolemanEI. Emotional intelligence is based upon 12 crucial skills. While working on myself on the inside i, I gained valuable insights in the area of ​​self-awareness as well as a better focus in everything I do, which then resulted in better work performance and more quality time after work.

The program offers tools and techniques that can help you and support you in overcoming everyday challenges and obstacles.

Self-awareness is the basis of the quality and depth of all our relationships. Self-awareness allows us to be aware of our strengths and our weaknesses, to discover values ​​that guide us in life, and to help us that how we see ourselves is aligned with how others perceive us.

A self-aware person manages his impulses, reactions can recognize his emotions, and can release them. One of the most effective tools that help us expand our self-awareness is meditation –in particular the one focusing on the breath.

By practicing meditation regularly, we become more receptive and as a result, we start sharpening our focus and consciously navigating it so that despite all the obstacles we have full attention on one task, right until we complete it.

This approach results in much greater work efficiency and less fatigue after our working hours. "




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