Space2C Services

Let’s grow together. 

Space2C Services

Let’s grow together. 

Let’s grow together in a space where we gain new insights, develop together and in which we create a better future together.

The new business concept provides our partners and customers added value to our work together and allows us to be even more successful in the future.

The services can be combined. You could choose them all, or you could start with only one and upgrade your package. In any case, there is no wrong choice and either way is a good start.

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New mobile application with an entertaining and educational character.

In today’s digital age, it is our desire to make every working day interesting for our pharmacy community, and to enable networking, dynamic communicating and informing.

That’s why, as initiators, we started creating new communication trends in the pharmaceutical industry, developed an innovative B2B platform and contributed to our pharmaceutical community.


Circle of Ideas

Through dialogue to joint success.

In the fast-paced business environment, we rarely take the time to listen to ourselves and others. So that we could create, develop and contribute as individuals, it is necessary to set aside time for quality discussion, in which everyone’s opinion is important. 


Workshops that use the Points of You® and The World Cafe tools and methodology.

Each organisation is unique and goes through a unique life cycle. If your organisation is currently facing new challenges, together, we can arrive at creative solutions and promote your organisational growth and development.

Coffee on Fridays

Relax and learn.

After a demanding work week, it is useful to set aside some time and, in a relaxed manner, to the aroma of a warm coffee, learn more about the latest professional and business trends.

qLife magazine

Annual subscription to qLife magazine.

A good partnership must be valued.

In over 10 years of business operations, we’ve come to realise that, together with our business partners, we want to build successful organisations, a competitive economy and a healthy social community.