Open positions

#workinginsalveo #bettertogether

Open positions

#workinginsalveo #bettertogether

We believe that every individual contributes to the success of the team, and makes a difference on the market.

We employ more than 100 unique, proactive, creative people on our markets. 90% of our team members have a university degree in natural sciences or economics.

We are an equal rights employer.

Are you ideal fit for our team?

If you think you are an ideal fit for our team, send us your application, even if there are no open calls at the moment.

Tell us about everything you excel at, be clear and proactive in your cover letter, then communicate the crucial information with your CV. Please tell us what makes you so perfect for Salveo. If there is no right fit at the moment, we'll keep your information and contact you as soon as an opportunity arises.

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What does our team say?

"I love working at Salveo because it is a company with soul and vision, where everyone is encouraged to develop their ideas and potential. Here, I am someone who contributes, but also someone who develops simultaneously as a person and as an expert. "

Maša Milunić

"I love the members of the Salveo team and see them as my closest friends, because they are always ready to support me and have a good time. The firm is continuously evolving and following trends. When we say that Salveo is innovative, that is the absolute truth. I am happy and blessed to be a part of the Salveo family. "

Izabela Purhmajer

"Many things in life are changing; only Salveo is constant in its values. Affiliation, security, and team strength make Salveo feel like a second family. It is our great, shared success! "

Dejan Švabić

"I have been working at Salveo for 10 years and can confidently say that you can always express yourself here as a person and as a team member. "

Ana Troskot

"The people with whom I work at Salveo, and the opportunity to expand my knowledge, make Salveo an enjoyable place to work, inspiring me to do my best and get the same in return. "

Irma Arnautović Vukićević

"I love our friendly atmosphere, open door philosophy and flexible schedule. Positive organization and unique people are the drivers that make me feel motivated here. Salveo offers a space for professional growth, fosters my personal development, and a balance between work and family life. "

Marina Ivkić

"I enjoy working in Salveo because it is an environment where everyone's effort is acknowledged and appreciated. "

Marko Štetić

"Salveo is a dynamic company with big potential. Company allows employees to develop and to accomplish their own projects. It gives big satisfaction and self-complacency. "

Arkadiusz Strugielski

"I work in pharmaceutical business about 20 years now, I know what is important, what’s count that I can go to work with smile on my face. I’m in that comfortable situation that Salveo gives me that opportunity and 99% of days I go work “banana smile on my face”. That’s influence of atmosphere in the company, people that work – starting from managers over to warehouse workers, without exceptions in here work exceptional people, that you can count on. "

Sebastian Bryk

"Because of the people! Salveo Poland is excellent team. Working in Salveo Poland is working in company surrounded by supportive, solution-oriented, work-professional colleagues. "

Łukasz Wójtowiec

"The feeling that you belong to a successful team is strong motivation for me, and a particular pleasure. "

Nikola Dević

"Salveo is a small business for big things. I enjoy working in a healthy, cheerful, and family-friendly environment. All for one, one for all that is our motto. "

Mario Hodak

"It is about feeling that fulfil me when I think about work and everting connected with it. I can say in Marketing language, I see it as 8P by connecting PEOPLE, PURPUSE, PLEASURE, POSITIV CONTRIBUTION, PROGRESS, PEACE, PERSONAL GROWTH and PROFESIONAL DEVELOPMENT… and more than that I see Salveo as my home. "

Dunya Charif

"Salveo is an environment where we respect each individual's needs, celebrate and reward successes, learn from failures, love our peers, and support diversity. We work responsibly as a team, and we all have fun equally, regardless of the age. "

Ana Vučinić

"Every job is what you make of it by yourself. The people at Salveo have made a passion out of their work, and they have created wonderful friendships. I am especially pleased that through our products we bring people closer to nature. "

Jovana Grubač

"I have been working in Salveo more than 2 years and I can say that firstly I am happy and proud that I am part of this happy family. The passion and the love we shared together are the main drivers that make this company as successful as it is. It is a pleasure to work in the community where everyone feels like family. "

Svetlana Arsovska

"Working in a company with established and high quality products that require such a marketing approach, innovative and creative, is a great honor, but also a challenge for every marketing manager. "

Jasna Perica Krpina

"I love working at Salveo because it is a company that fosters a culture of personal and professional development. "

Ines Gospočić

"I love working in Salveo because I have been doing it with love and care for three years already. I work and enjoy it. "

Denis Škampo

"Scope of responsibility and daily tasks are specified clearly; good friendly work atmosphere. "

Przemysław Pilut