To be the pioneer and leader in pharma CEE market.

"Transparency and integrity are our strengths."

We are innovative in the way we approach business, both internally and externally, through caring, sharing, and daring, but also enthusiasm and passion, which makes us more productive in everything we do. We strive for excellence in communication because we listen, hear, and build relationships, we dare to take bold steps, and our success is the result of the engagement of every team member.


We create a unique experience through passion, appreciation and innovative approach powered by our people.

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We promote health through reliable partnerships with customers which are offered more than the product itself. We listen to and understand our customers, we respect and acknowledge them, and they know that we can offer them a complete package of quality products and innovative services, which is the reason why they trust us.


We are excellent at aligning and integrating marketing and sales activities, as well as creating teams and building relationships among all stakeholders in the system. 

We think differently. Our corporate culture and our values, namely integrity, passion, teamwork and open communication, give us a competitive edge. Our team members are passionate and engaged people, who do not give up when facing an obstacle.