Who is Janez Hudovernik, our webinar lecturer? 22.09.2020.

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You probably had the opportunity to test your resilience to a stressful situation between our two webinar announcements? If you are not happy with your response and reaction to this unpleasant situation, then this webinar came at the right time for you.

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Who is Janez Hudovernik, webinar lecturer: Increase your motivation and engagement - increase your resilience?

Janez Hudovernik, lecturer, speaker, author and certified persolog trainer from Slovenia, licensee of the Human Performance Institute and Persolog GmbH for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

He worked with distinguished lecturers like Brian Tracy, Jim Loehr, John Whitmore, and Friedbert Gay.

He is the author of numerous sales success articles and and co-author of the books "Successful Business Management" and "Modern Marketing". He co-authored a book with Brian Tracy on “How to Build a Winning Sales Team”.

He is the holder of several well-known licensed educational programs:

1. Certified master trainer persolog personality model (DISC)

2. ACC - Certified Coach Associate at the International Coach Federation

3. Certified executive coach at Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith

4. SPIN Selling (Hutwaite International).

5. Executive coaching (Performance consultants International, trained by John Whitmore and Tim Gallway - founders of GROW and inner game principles)

6. The power of full engagement (Jim Loehr, Human Performance Institute)

He gained his professional experience working with large companies, sales teams and athletes in Slovenia and Central European countries.

What will you learn at the webinar Increase your motivation and engagement - increase your resilience?

You will learn:

1. What are the 2 key factors that affect your motivation and that are within your control

2. How to maintain a positive focus and attitude while recognizing your own strengths

3. What are your key values and charachter strengths (online analysis *) Online analysis will be available only for all the participants of the webinar

4. How to use your strengths and values to increase your motivation and engagement in everyday life (at work and at home)

5. You will learn 5 techniques - How to influence your attitude

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Webinar date: 30/9/2020, 18:00-19:30h

Price: 25 euros

Webinar language: local

Platform: ZOOM

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