We create the future together! 26.05.2020.

We developed a unique concept SPACE2C®!

From its beginnings, Salveo has always searched for new ideas, different ways of doing business and for making progress every day.

By connecting, contributing, creating and talking, we developed a unique concept SPACE2C® that represents a space in which we look, see and receive new insights which lead us, together with our customers and partners, to success. SPACE2C® business concept provides our partners and customers added value to our work together and allows us to be even more successful in the future.

The SPACE2C® concept symbolically represents:

Space to Connect – a space in which we connect.

Space to Contribute – a space in which we contribute together.

Space to Create – a space in which we create together.

Space to Chat – a space in which we talk and share experiences.


Find more about SPACE2C® services on the new website: https://www.space2c.com/

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