MyPharmaSpace and students 28.01.2022.

Read and discover how students see MyPharmaSpace platform


So happy and proud that we took part in the regular program on the Croatian Faculty of pharmacy and biochemistry. For 4 years now we have been sharing our knowledge and experience on the marketing of OTC drugs to students in the 5th year.

This is a very important recognition for us!

We want to thank all students who participated, especially for sharing their feedback on MyPharmaSpace app.

"My Pharma Space is a platform with a large amount of educational content valuable to students. I use the section Case studies on MyPharmaSpace as one of the tools for learning and improving my knowledge while acquiring skills for my future work with patients. We are thankful for your lecture, and I hope that there will still be new and diverse cases and examples from practice from which I will be able to learn a lot.” FBF student  

See you next year!


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