Meet Iva Begović, MyPharmaSpace associate 20.01.2022.

Meet Iva Begović, MyPharmaSpace associate 20.01.2022.

Read the text and see how Iva coped as a student working on MyPharmaSpace

"I came to Salveo 9 months ago to work on MyPharmaSpace as a student. My time here has been more positive than I could have ever imagined. Incredible work ethics, positive working environment and friendly atmosphere lead me to grow both personally and professionally. Salveo is definitely a place that nurtures creativity, new ideas and allows its employees to express themselves freely.

As I am only a few months away from becoming a pharmacist and am currently fully emerged in the pharmacy profession while doing my internship, I can see the full potential that MyPharmaSpace offers to the whole community.

Not only does it serve as an incredible learning platform, but it also provides pharmacists an opportunity to connect with other colleagues and hear what they have to say.

Professional development is something we can all strive for and what better way to thrive than by accepting positive practices and learning from our colleagues. Many challenges and new ideas lie ahead, but I deeply believe that if you set your mind to it, with hard work, you’ll eventually achieve it.”, says Iva Begović.