If your heart plays for the Salveo team... 05.08.2022.

...you can even leave the company and still come back!

"In order to achieve the desired results in business, it is necessary to have a successful club behind you, just like in football. I see Salveo as a well-organized football club in the Champions League. A club that provides me with all the necessary conditions to play, understands my needs and provides support to show my talent. 

At one-point Salveo management, gave me the green light to go to another pharma team on loan (speaking in football terms) with the option to come back to Salveo whenever I wanted.

That happened very soon.

With my return to Salveo, I continued to develop and progress playing for the team and now I am the Brand & Salesforce manager.", said Dejan Švabić about his Salveo journey.

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