How we reached Business Development Excellence in Salveo 19.09.2022.

In terms of new partners, Salveo has had fast development in the last two years.


Speaking the language of sport, we can say that Salveo had two good seasons in portfolio development.

Speaking the language of business, we can say that in the last two years we have signed 6  new agreements and extended our portfolio in all our markets.

Speaking the language of medicine, we can say that we ensured new solutions for patients and consumers in CEE markets.

Whatever understanding is closer to anyone who follows us, we simply want to say that we are excited and satisfied with how our organization is developing.

We are also thankful to all our new partners that recognized our values and trusted us with their brands to take care of them.

In the last two years, we expanded our OTC and RX business in all Salveo CEE markets, opened a new target audience, and expanded sales and marketing teams.


New Salveo partnerships in 2022


In Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we started the distribution of Merz RX medicines in neurology and hepatology therapeutic areas and OTC medicine Contractubex®.

In Croatia, the second half of 2021 was marked by the launching of Auridol ear drops with lidocaine from EmergoPharm.

At the beginning of 2022, we enriched our portfolio with premium dermo-cosmetic Fillerina by Labo, the world's first non-invasive at-home use densifying filler.

In Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the beginning of 2022, we signed the agreement with Dr. Wolff group for RX and OTC products in gynecology and dermatology therapeutic areas, as well as wide range of cosmetic products.

Salveo entered fertility therapeutic area in Poland by launching FERTI·LILY Conception Cup by Rosesta Medical in September 2022.

At the same time, we entered the diagnostic segment by launching diagnostic home use rapid tests for detection of CRP levels, iron deficiency and antibodies against Helicobacter pylori by Vedalab in Croatia.

The diversity of our portfolio made us skilled and experienced in all aspects of the pharmaceutical distribution business.

We are incredibly proud and grateful that pharmaceutical companies looking to develop their RX business in the CEE market recognize the medical and business expertise we cherish.

Enriched with our success, we are keen to keep the ball rolling. It is in our core to give our best and always stay ahead of the game!


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