Fillerina 12HA introduced in Croatia 31.03.2022.

First non-invasive filler treatment for home use


The first non-invasive filler treatment for home use - Fillerina, was introduced in Croatia.


Non-invasive and painless, Fillerina brings to Croatia a quiet revolution in the field of hyaluronic acid and an alternative to hyaluronic injections.

To refresh the face skin, it is no longer necessary to go to the doctor's because Fillerina can be applied in the intimacy of your own home with the help of a non-invasive applicator. 

Fillerina was developed in the Swiss laboratory, owned by company Labo, whose experts, through many years of research, managed to create the Fillerina complex formula that goes deep into the skin, down to the dermis. 

So far, this method of applying hyaluronic acid has been questionable because hyaluronic acid was mainly retained on the surface and in the upper layers of the skin. 

This problem in Fillerina 12HA was solved by the patent of 12 molecules of different molecular weights that are particularly effective in penetrating deeper layers of the skin while providing a filler effect.

It is known that just one molecule of hyaluronic acid, like a magnet, binds up to 10,000 times more water. Over the years, the body reduces the production of hyaluronic acid and the skin and tissue lose their elasticity and freshness.

From now on, Fillerina is available in selected pharmacies in Croatia, and the brand is represented on the Croatian market by the pharmaceutical company Salveo.


"Salveo has been building success stories for many years about over-the-counter products that are trusted. These products bring solutions and combine medicine and pharmacy, tradition and modern technology, and many of them are irreplaceable in their category. Fillerina is one of such brands, a dermocosmetic product that will only be available in pharmacies. Although we thought we knew everything about the application and activity of hyaluronic acid, the company Labo showed that there is also the possibility of developing a non-invasive filler for home use. We believe that Fillerina 12HA will become a favorite dermocosmetic product for all those who are looking for an alternative to invasive methods ",  said marketing manager in Salveo Jasna Perica Krpina, mag.pharm.


Fillerina® 12Ha Densifying-Filler intensive and daily treatments are available in three different concentrations that are selected and dosed according to skin changes and skin condition and wrinkle appearance.

In addition to intensive treatments available, there are also everyday ones - Fillerina 12HA day and night cream and cream for the eye area and lip area. Ease of use is what makes the Fillerin 12HA unique.


"Fillerina is applied with a specially patented applicator, and the effect is visible for up to four months. It is the simplicity of use that delights our customers. It is necessary to choose a product according to age and condition of the skin and applying it according to the instructions on the desired areas of skin, which will gradually get a fresher look, with less wrinkles, and with the effect of increasing volume in the cheeks and lips.", pointed out Jasna Perica Krpina, mag.pharm.


Hyaluronic acid is an integral part of our body, just like collagen and elastin. These molecules form the backbone of connective tissue and they are the beauty formula of our skin. All three ingredients, in natural proportions, are in Fillerina 12HA, which is becoming the world's number one support for natural beauty. 


  • Patent 1: 12 hyaluronic acids of different molecular weight having filler strength, 3 collagen molecules and 2 elastin molecules of different molecular weight having the effect of increasing skin density
  • Pantent 2: Transdermic technology - a tested method that guarantees the absorption of active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin
  • Patent 3: applicator that allows precise application
  • Non-invasive method
  • Two weeks of application for up to four months duration
  • Delights with its simplicity of use in the comfort of your own home
  • Available at selected pharmacies in Croatia with the guidance of a pharmacist


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