Do you recognize the boy in the picture? 02.12.2020.

Thanks to his teacher Cveta, he became one of the leading authorities in the field of education.

In his early childhood, after he moved with his parents to another country, he had hard time at school, and not knowing the language well, gave him even more trouble. But thanks to his teacher, Cveta, he became one of the leading authorities in the field of education and president of the World Mensa for Gifted Children.

Dr. Ranko Rajović is a children’s intelligence development expert. He teaches at the Faculty of Education in Koper, Slovenia. He is a specialist in internal medicine, holds a master in neuroendocrinology and he is a doctor of sports sciences.

He is also a lecturer at the webinar "Hidden danger of new technologies - Children trapped in the virtual world", which will be live on the 10th of December at 6 pm CET via ZOOM.

His teacher, Cveta, is one of the most responsible people for his successes and for everything he has accomplished today. You can find out more about Dr. Rajović's upbringing in our short interview with him.


You are known for your commitment to making parents understand the importance of movement for children as well as the time spent in nature. What was your childhood like? How did you spend your time?

Growing up in the forest marked the first years of my childhood, and my first memories are related to the idyllic village on the border of Slovenia and Italy, where there was just one shop, one ambulance, a small kindergarten, one school, and endless forest trees.

Even the road from our home to the kindergarten mostly went through the forest. The childhood of most children from Divača was connected to that forest. We didn’t have a flat meadow, instead, we played all of our games downhill, among the canopy of giant trees.

Tell us more about your elementary school memories?

My parents decided to move from Divača to Bačka Palanka, a town in Vojvodina, so I started first grade in a completely different environment. Opposite to our forest and downhills in Divača, these streets were now flat, no signs of a hill, next to a huge river that looked like the sea to me. The children played some unfamiliar games to me, and the school was a nightmare.

I didn't know the language well. If I couldn’t find the right word, I used Slovenian words, and that made my new schoolmates laugh. Some even made fun of me and repeated words after me.

They bullied me for days, weeks. I don't know how it would have ended if the teacher Cveta hadn't stepped in and punished the group of boys who were bullying me the most.

What was your teacher Cveta like?

She was a real example of a teacher who took care of everyone. It doesn't take a child much time to start loving someone, so from that day, when she protected me, I went to school carefree. I tried to prove to her that I deserved her trust and I immediately fell in love with studying and the school.

Even later, when my teacher retired, I always used to call her. I would tell her everything about what I was doing, my plans, and I would visit her often while she was alive.

Thanks to my teacher, Cveta, I didn't xperience school as something difficult and problematic.


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